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Podcast Advertising Playbook

Apr 21, 2021

We are deep-diving into podcast host-read ad examples today!

I have received many requests to share what a good podcast ad sounds like and why it is effective. In this episode, I play three different podcast ad examples and break down exactly what makes each one a quality ad-read and how the host's different approaches drive sales.  

An ad-read can make or break the campaign results and the partnership between advertiser and podcast host. 

Here are a few points I discuss in the episode:

  • The importance of why a host must try the product/service first and the best approach to take to allow them to do so.
  • What makes an authentic and organic ad read.
  • The best way for the host to combine talking points and personal experience for a powerful impact.
  • How the host can link the ad back to their audience.
  • How the content of the podcast affects the type of ad read a host will provide.

Plus, so much more. 



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